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Manager Arrested Following High-Profile Theft at Waverley Blankets Mutare Shop”

High-Profile Theft at Waverley Blankets Mutare Shop, Manager Arrested

In a shocking incident, Waverley Blankets (Pvt) Ltd’s Mutare branch has suffered a significant theft, with losses totaling approximately USD 74,351 in cash and goods. The complainant, whose name has been withheld for privacy reasons, reported the crime leading to the swift arrest of the shop manager, Mr. Abdul Rawoof Dawood.

According to the complainant, after being caught, Mr. Dawood provided a full written confession to the theft that happened during his employment from 24th August 2021 until his resignation on 19th July 2022. To begin addressing the substantial loss, Mr. Dawood, though his family, made a reinstitution deposit payment of USD 33,000 to Waverley Blankets. The complainant also mentioned that following a visit from Mr. Dawood’s mother, which stirred feelings of compassion, a decision was made to release Mr. Dawood from Police custody. This decision was underpinned by a written guarantee from Mr. Ali Bhadella, who promised to settle the remaining balance within a 14-day period.

Despite the agreement, the outstanding balance has not been paid by Mr. Dawood or Mr. Bhadella, prompting the complainant to pursue the case further. On 13 March 2024, the state closed its case against Mr. Dawood. However, the legal proceedings are far from over. The defense lawyer for Mr. Dawood is intending to apply for a discharge.

As the local community reels from the news of this breach of trust and the high-profile nature of the crime, the question of whether justice will be served remains unanswered. The legal system is now tasked with unwinding the complexities of this case and determining the path forward.

The public awaits further developments, and we commit to providing up-to-date information on the legal proceedings as they unfold. Keep following our reports for the latest news on this case.

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