‘Tyla joined illuminati as an industry plant’: Blac China’s mom Tokyo says

American vlogger, and social media personality Tokyo Toni –real name Shalana Hunter — has found herself at the top of trends lists. This after sharing her opinion on South African singer Tyla Seethal, who is currently dominating local, and international music charts.

The mom of video vixen and reality TV star Blac China has definitely rubbed Tyla’s fans the wrong way after saying that she didn’t deserve a Grammy Award for her hit song ‘Water.’

According to Tokyo, Tyla is an “industry plant.” She also alleged that the young songstress had joined a secret society – the Illuminati.


South African songbird Tyla Laura Seethal is going places in the international music scene.

Her hit song Water first went viral on social media app TikTok where her challenge sent app users into a frenzy.

Last year, she released the official music video for the song and so far has been breaking streaming records all over the world.

She has even won a Grammy for the song and is the youngest South African recipient of the coveted award.

According to Blac Chyna’s mom Tokyo Toni, however, her success is not because the song is an actual hit but because the young singer has joined the illuminati.

In a now viral video, Tokyo Toni discusses all the signs of artist who are in the illuminati and according to her Tyla is showing the signs.

“One song gave you a Grammy? How is that possible,” she says about Tyla. Take a look at the clip below:


In the comment section, many Tyla fans — or Tygers as she calls them — defended her and accused Tokyo of being jealous of her.

Some simply called her a “hater”. Others however, wondered whether or not there was some truth in what she had to say:

“How Tyla get a Grammy but they told Victoria Monet she couldn’t perform because she was ‘too early’ in her career of 10+ years,” wrote one X user while another added:

“Tyla signed a big deal with a major record label. That’s what it takes to be successful in the music industry. Talent alone is not enough!!!”

“Every time a black person rises, they always link them to the illuminati,” a third added.

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