MTV base presenter Shamiso ejected from plane

MTV Base presenter Shamiso Mosaka topped the trends list after she recorded herself being escorted off one of CemAir’s aeroplanes by police in Durban.

According to reports, the media personality went live on Instagram to share with social media users the situation she was in. Shamiso felt the reasons behind the airline staff wanting to kick her off the plane were racially charged after she swore while talking on her phone.

In the video that has been shared by many on the internet, Shamiso is seen sitting in her seat, surrounded by police officials. After being asked to remove herself from the aircraft, Shamiso says, “I’m not getting off the flight unless I’m booked another one. I paid for this.”

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She adds, “I have not once been vulgar, or inappropriate, or disruptive, or disrespectful to anyone on this plane. Please ask the people.”

Shamiso noted that she could not think of any reason for the flight attendants wanting her removed besides there being hints of racism involved. She then stated, “Or they don’t like other pretty women. You’re pretty but racist as f*ck.”

Watch the video below:

A few passengers onboard took Shamiso’s side, citing CemAir to be in the wrong.

On X (formerly Twitter), one person who claimed to be on the flight wrote to Shamiso, “We fought even after they tricked you out of the flight. We were also threatened with being thrown out because of sticking up for you.”

On the online review platform Hellopeter, one person named Muzi S shared their account of what had transpired:

“Yesterday, 17 March 2024, on flight 5Z 0329 coming from Durban to Johannesburg, we experienced very horrible behaviour from the CemAir staff when a young lady got thrown out a flight because some Indian air hostess named Shamika said she was being disruptive.

“What is surprising is that we were sitting next to her and she never disrupted us but she was thrown out because she was disruptive, not knowing to whom.”

Muzi continued, “The hostess and the pilot even got the nerve to come back and shout at us, telling us we would be taken out as we were standing up for the lady.”

Although Shamiso had not sworn at the staff, an X user shared, “The F word is actually among the words you’re not allowed to say in a flight so if you’re a traveller, please educate yourself on that.”

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