Ntandokazi quarrels with boyfriend in viral video: ‘It will end in tears’

TikTok couple Ntandokazi and Bash received mixed reactions from internet users after they posted a video of them arguing.

The well-known TikTok couple, Ntando and Bash, who are renowned for creating videos together on the app have been trending on X (previously known as Twitter). Their famous Red Bull and Foschini bag video had a lot of couples trying to recreate it leading to both companies sponsoring them after their video gained a lot of media attention.

Although this video appeared to be more playful internet users feel that the media attention the couple are receiving is too much, with most internet users feeling like it’s now long overdue.

With them gaining the massive popularity of over 1,1 million followers on TikTok, the internet is known to produce over night sensations.

An X user posted this video with a crying face emoji which usually depicts the emotions of sadness.

X users took to the comment section to share their opinions on this video.

One user commented:

Another user adds that it is becoming too much now.

Another user joked that the couple wanted another sponsorship from the energy drink company.

One user felt that the ‘argument’ was staged.

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