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Man lets bestfriend have tlof tlof with wife {Video}

In a surprising turn of events from East Africa, a husband has taken friendship to new heights by inviting his best friend into an unconventional relationship where they share his wife.

This extraordinary arrangement sees the two friends sharing everything within their household, including meals, the wife, and even their children.

Patrice Bushakwe, the husband, revealed in an Afrimax documentary that he and his wife, Kavira Zubeda, initially enjoyed marital bliss after a lavish white wedding. However, their happiness turned to sorrow as they faced difficulties conceiving.

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After two years of unsuccessful attempts, societal pressure and hurtful comments pushed the couple to the brink of despair, leading to blame and arguments between them. In a radical move, Kavira suggested her husband father a child with another woman.

Initially shocked, Patrice eventually agreed, but despite multiple encounters, he failed to impregnate any other woman. Medical consultations confirmed Patrice’s infertility, prompting him to ask his best friend to father children with Kavira to avoid societal ridicule.

A Radical Solution

Though hesitant at first, Kavira reluctantly accepted her husband’s proposal after frequent arguments, while the best friend eventually agreed to assist. This resulted in three pregnancies and births, with arrangements made to ensure the children were recognized as Patrice’s.

Despite their participation in the documentary, all parties involved maintain secrecy about their arrangement.

Watch the VIDEO below for insights into this extraordinary relationship.

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