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“Local Government Director Accused of Criminal Abuse of Office Released by Court “


Local government director Mlindeli Sayi who was accused of criminal abuse of office in alleged land deals has been removed from remand by a Harare court after for lack of evidence.

Sayi and Arosume Property Developers accountant Katson Kwaramba were arrested by Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission last year.

The allegations were that on June 7, 2007, the Local Government ministry and land developers, Sally Mugabe Housing Co-operative and Arosume Development, entered into a partnership for the development of 154 residential stands in Carrick Creagh, Harare.

The agreement provided that the ministry was going to provide the developer with 50 stands as security in case the beneficiaries defaulted on payment.

In 2009, the ministry conducted land valuation for 154 stands in Carrick Creagh and determined that the intrinsic value for the 50 stands allocated to Arosume Developers as collateral security was US$1 193 000.

Zacc investigations had alleged that despite the fact that some of the beneficiaries had fully paid the development fees to Arosume Property Developers, Sayi corruptly authorised the developer to sell the 50 stands set aside as collateral security in local currency, instead of US dollars.

However, Saying denied the allegations in his application for removal from remand saying they were malicious.

He also challenged that the allegations were put by those who want to his post at local government as there are no proof to the allegations.

In removing them from remand regional magistrate Taurai Manuwere read the operative part of the ruling for removal from remand saying the allegations lacks evidence to convict the accused person’s hence removing them from remand.

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