Ex-Studio 263 actor Jabu in love triangle involving Vimbai Zimuto

Controversial ex-Studio 263 actor Denzel Burutsa, who acted in the role of Jabu in the soapie, is trending on social media streets after revelations that she is in a relationship with singer Vimbai Zimuto and dumped his pregnant fiance.

According to ZimCelebrity Gossip News,“Jabu”, from Studio 263, has been allegedly involved with three women, that is, his fiance, who is pregnant, Netherlands-based musician Vimbai Zimuto and another yet-to-be-identified lady.

Last month, Jabu updated his social media to hint that he is now in a relationship without revealing the lady’s identity.

Sources whispered to ZimCelebrity Gossip News that Vimbai promised Jabu a spousal visa if they made their union official later this year.

The relatives of the former Studio 263 actor were furious upon finding out that “Jabu” was cheating on his pregnant fiance. It is still unclear when she is due to give birth.

In a video on Facebook, the actor’s fiance was crying profusely while some in-laws were also in the room. Once he started filming, Jabu stood up to hide from the camera and express his displeasure. An embarrassed Jabu asked not to be recorded, to which the in-law said he caused his fiance to cry.

In the video, the person asked how Jabu would dump his pregnant fiance for someone else.

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Zimbos comment on Jabu’s shenanigans

Social media users had wild takes on the news that Denzel “Jabu” Burutsa allegedly dumped his pregnant fiance for Vimbai Zimuto.


“4 vakadzi salary one ndosaka muchipfeka ma jersey kwese kwese.”


“Vakadzi vacho mune zvivindi shuwa Shuwa ne video yakambobuda Denzel achipinda pakaora paye Piave nemhezi nanhasi muchiri kutambiswa kongonya naye.”


“Mazuvano vanhu vakuti vakaona kuti vapera vakungovhura hombe to trend again.”


“Go for the visa, my man. Don’t waste time.”


“Vamwe busy kuita maplots akawanda🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ vamwe vakushandira madzimai💔what a sad move.”

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