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Man confesses to having relations with mother, getting her pregnant

A 26-year-old man has left many Zimbabweans in disbelief after outrightly confessing how he started a taboo relationship with his mother leading them to conceive a child.

The otherworldly revelation was made on the popular radio show “Family Secrets and Confessions” hosted by seasoned broadcaster Tilda Moyo.

The man, whose identity has not been disclosed, detailed how the incestuous relationship began as “kutamba chikudo” (roughhousing) before escalating into a full-blown intimate affair.

“Ndakangotanga kutamba chikudo na Mai. Kakusvika pakungozoita.” the man said on the radio show.

He further revealed that their intimate relationship persists, admitting that they had relations just two days before his confession. When pressed by Tilda Moyo about ending the bizarre affair, he expressed uncertainty, citing his 42-year-old mother’s jealous behaviour whenever he introduces her to his partners.

“Handitozivi coz Mai vakutoita shanje ndikaita musikana havatombomufarire,” the 26-year-old man explained.

The family secret left Tilda Moyo at a loss for words.  When pressed on why he hasn’t left the household, the man claimed he cannot afford to move out on his own.

When asked why he does not deny his mother her unnatural request, the man simply answers, “Zvakutonetsa.”

The man admitted that he has grown accustomed to the incestuous relationship, saying,

“Ndakambotanga ndichidaro but madays ano ndatojaira.”

You can listen to the audio below:

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This shocking revelation has sparked outrage and disbelief on social media, with many struggling to believe the man’s claims. Some questioned the validity of the story, while others expressed horror and disgust at the alleged incestuous relationship. Here are some of the reactions:

Tineyi Dombodzvuku:

Chinogona kunge chiri chokwadi mai avo ndovakatanga mwana wavo ende ndovakarera mwana saka vaiziva kuti mwana ane tsvimbo refu ndoyavaiida

Jimmy George:

Haa nhema dzako..tsek

Roselyn Zoe Dzumbunu:

Vanhu mukti inhema munyika medu murikuitika zvinhu zvisinga bvumike ,but chinenge chiri chokwadi

Miriam Munikwa:

Amai muroyi ava hapana hutsinye hunopfuura ipapa,ngaaudzeka baba vakevarambwe vamuhure ava varikùuraya future yemwana wavo

Nyararirai Kakomwe:

Ndapererwa nazvo izvi ana amai tinonyadzisa kani imika amai ndisatan ava

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