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Crime of passion: Man steals cow to pay lobola

A 19-year-old man named Locky Chigwengwe, hailing from Nyawiswa village, found himself in front of the Karoi Magistrates’ Court, facing stock theft charges. The accusation against him was that he had stolen a cow and utilized it as a form of lobola payment for his bride.

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) provided a straightforward overview of the case, stating that on the evening of April 12, 2024, at approximately 6 PM, at Dabvu homestead, the complainant secured his herd of cattle and returned home. Later that same night, Chigwengwe allegedly entered the complainant’s cattle kraal, untied a black cow with curved horns, and bolted with it unnoticed.

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The following day, Chigwengwe purportedly used the stolen cow to pay lobola to Ian Wamiridza of Muchena village. It wasn’t until the next morning, around 8 AM, that the complainant realized the cow was missing and promptly reported the incident to the police. Subsequently, investigations were launched, leading to the discovery of the stolen cow in Wamiridza’s possession on April 14, 2024. Wamiridza’s involvement led to Chigwengwe’s arrest. The estimated value of the stolen cow was reported to be US$400.

Ultimately, Chigwengwe was convicted and sentenced to 9 years of imprisonment.


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