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Strange Mjolo: Gogo (62) Dates 16-year-old Teen

A 62-year-old woman has stirred controversy on social media following revelations that she is in a relationship with a 16-year-old boy and they are staying together as husband and wife.

The elderly woman from Murehwa, in an interview with Zim Shine Media, says she has no regrets and is enjoying the strange union.

expressed zero shame and regret. She confirmed that she is indeed in love and in a relationship with a 16-year-old. They have been dating for two years.

She revealed how the relationship blossomed:

“I used to send him to fetch firewood and water for me, and I would pay him. I later reckoned that I had no husband; mine died. So I took him and started dating him. I asked him to tell his parents that he now has a girl, and they disapproved. They even wanted to assault me.”

The lady added that the boy, named Clever, stopped his parents from thrashing her. He then told his aged lover that he wanted to marry her.

Clever later moved in with his 62-year-old lover, and they are now living together as husband and wife.

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The 16-year-old boy revealed how he got to date the lady. He said one day, after fetching water for her, she closed the door and raped him. Initially, he was against this, but he fell in love with her as time passed.

Clever is happy to be dating his senior lover. He even bragged that age is just a number and people can date.

“Now I want to marry her and even have babies with her. I want to live with her and build a life with her.”

Chaos Online

62-year-old Relationship 16-year-old boy
62-Year-Old Granny Gets Into A Relationship With A 16-year-Old Boy And Stays With Him [Image: Zim Shine Media/YouTube]

Social media users expressed shock at the abnormal relationship.


“The world we live in will not protect that young man😢”


“Vemutemo vari kuonawo nyaya iyi here, nekuti mbuya vanofanira kusungwa ka ava.”


“Ndezve mushonga izvi ambuya warikutoputa fodya from Mozambique mwana akaputirwa na gogo awa. Can you guys get this old bag arrested. That is child abuse wakabata mwana chimbaro.”


“Mwana ngaende anorutsiswa.”


“Wonders shall never end ,Murewa yanyangadzwa nevanhu vakakurira mumapurazi.”

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