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Alarming Incident: 8 Students Fall Ill After Ingesting Poisoned Lunch

Murombedzi, Zimbabwe – On June 7th, 2024, a typical day at Matoranhembe Primary School turned alarming when eight students were hurried to Murombedzi Rural Hospital due to intense vomiting and stomach pains. The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) is presently probing a potential case of food poisoning associated with a student’s lunch and suspects that the occurrence might have been intentional.

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Thankfully, there have been no reported fatalities. As per the ZRP’s statement, the affected pupils became unwell after ingesting rice and soup from a classmate’s lunch box. The event has stunned the school community, prompting parents and staff to seek explanations.

Preliminary police investigations have revealed that the lunch box in question was given to the student by her parent, who had packed two lunch boxes and provided instructions on how to share the food. The police suspect that the food may have been deliberately poisoned, raising serious concerns about the safety of schoolchildren.

The local community is reeling from the incident, with many parents expressing their concerns over the safety of their children.

The eight affected pupils are currently receiving medical treatment at Murombedzi Rural Hospital. Hospital staff have reported that the children are stable and responding well to treatment, but they remain under close observation. Fortunately, no lives were lost in this alarming incident.

ZRP Official Statement


“The Zimbabwe Republic Police reports that investigations are underway in connection with a case of suspected food poisoning which occurred at Matoranhembe Primary School, Murombedzi, on 07th June 2024.

Eight pupils allegedly started vomiting while complaining of stomach pains after they had consumed rice and soup, which had been packed in a lunch box. The pupils were ferried to Murombedzi Rural Hospital for treatment.

Investigations carried out by the police revealed that a fellow school pupil brought the lunch box which contained home-prepared food after being given two lunch boxes by her parent. The parent gave her instructions on how to share the food.

More details will be availed in due course as police inquiries continue.”

– [NYATHI. P] Commissioner Chief Staff Officer (Press and Public Relations) to the Commissioner-General of Police, Police General Headquarters

As the investigation continues, the community is left with many unanswered questions. How did the food become contaminated? Was it an accident or something more sinister? The ZRP is determined to uncover the truth and ensure justice for the affected pupils.

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