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Wicknell Chivayo Brags ,He Has President Mnangagwa ‘By the Balls’ In Leaked Audio

A secretly recorded audio has surfaced in which Wicknell Chivayo boasts about his influence over President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the government.

Chivayo has seemingly developed a close relationship with President Mnangagwa recently. He was seen with the President during his meeting with Kenyan President William Ruto at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair.

During Easter, he accompanied President Mnangagwa in his Presidential helicopter to the ZCC pilgrimage in Masvingo. Furthermore, he has been spotted with the President at various commissioning events and Mnangagwa’s farm in Kwekwe.

Last month, it was revealed that Chivayo secured a US$40 million contract to provide biometric voter registration kits and other electoral materials for the August 2023 elections.

In 2015, Chivayo’s company, Intratrek, was awarded a US$172 million tender for the Gwanda Solar Project. However, no progress has been made at the site despite Chivayo receiving a US$5 million advance payment.

Today, Newshawks released an audio recording in which Wicknell Chivayo allegedly boasts about his control over President Mnangagwa and the government.

In the audio, Chivayo proudly claims to have a strong influence over the system and is now receiving all major contracts. He further states that the President now sees him as a son.

Chivayo said when the President went to the Italy-Africa Summit, he held his hand and gave him orders on what to do in his absence.

Even though public procurements must go through a competitive tender process, Chivayo disclosed that he will likely get a Zimbabwe Republic Police and an immigration tender. He told Moses Mpofu of Better Brands Security and Mike Chimombe that he could pay them US$100,000 to get by, but they should not make noise.

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Listen to the audio below.

Social media users had mixed sentiments about the glaring revelations by Wicknell Chivayo.


“Wicknell Chivhayo must be held to account. Ingava nyika here iyoyo. Mnangagwa is useless.”


“Just like the Gold Mafia scandal, this will also be swept under the carpet. Unfortunately, we have accepted this as normal, and we will continue to suffer as a result.”


“Apa mfana uyu anogona kupinda ma1.”

David Coltart:

“Exceptionally serious allegations have been made against Mr #Chivayo in this post. These cannot just be ignored, and the Nation expects ZACC and the Police to investigate these allegations urgently and thoroughly.”

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