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Family discovers blood-soaked cloth at their doorstep with their names written on it

A family from Emahlabathini Village in Inyathi, Matabeleland North province, awoke to a disturbing scene of blood randomly sprinkled on their doorsteps, as well as a white blood-soaked cloth with the names of the entire family emblazoned on it, in a frightening incident.

In an interview with B-Metro, a member of the family Taffy Khabo (38) said they were still having difficulty coming to terms with the terrifying incident.

“The whole family is now living in fear. What happened is that when I woke up early in the morning on Thursday last week I discovered some blood sprinkled all over the doorsteps, an indication that a ritual was performed at our yard while we were sleeping.

“The blood was smelling as if it had been kept somewhere for some time before it was used.
“The whole incident was confusing because we couldn’t figure out why anybody would leave blood on our doorstep,” said a fearful Khabo.

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Khabo said besides the blood on the doorsteps there was also a white cloth that was soaked in blood that had the names of the whole family inscribed on it.

“There was also a white cloth that had the names of the whole family on it. I had to call fellow villagers to come and witness the bizarre scene and assist me to find ways to deal with it,” said Khabo.

He said out of panic, when they consulted prophets to help explain the situation they told them that someone close to the family had planted muthi to bring suffering into their lives.

“When they came the prophets performed some rituals to cleanse the yard. They took the white cloth that was soaked with blood and with our names and burnt it,” said Khabo.

When contacted for comment Emahlabathini Village head Frank Hlalakuhle said he was yet to receive details of the scary incident.

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