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My 4-5 Stopped Working After I Paid Lobola

A 38-YEAR-OLD man says he regrets telling everyone about his lobola day because he believes this is why his 4-5 is suffering.

The man from Orange Farm, south of Joburg, said his problem started in July this year, a week after he paid lobola.

He said that he dated his wife for seven years before he could lobola her, but they previously never had this problem.

“Some people have made it clear they thought I didn’t deserve to have this woman as my girlfriend,” he said.

“So when I paid lobola, I was very excited and I was telling everyone which I probably shouldn’t have done.”

He said after one week of the fallen 4-5 he and his wife went to get help from a sangoma who said a family member has caused him this problem.

“I was hurt but I needed help and didn’t care much about who had done this to me. After this treatment, my 4-5 worked but only for a week.

“We went back to that sangoma but he told us he gave us his best muthi.”

A few weeks later they went to another sangoma in Delmas, but he also couldn’t help. He said he is worried his wife will leave him.

“She’s very supportive but I feel like she’ll get to a point where she runs out of patience,” he said.

His brother (41) said he’s sad to see his brother struggling and he has also tried to get help for him.

“I’ve spoken to some prophets but my brother is doubtful about using them,” he said.

He said that he knows that there were some family members who didn’t approve of his brother’s relationship, but he didn’t think they would do this.

“I believe it was people from outside our family. But he’ll be okay. We won’t rest until we find help,” said the brother.

According to Daily Sun his wife (35), said this problem has really put a strain on their marriage. She said that she believes the sangoma who told them that it was a family member.

“It’s sad that someone would take this route to destroy our marriage. I can understand why my hubby would think I’ll give up on him but I won’t,” she said.

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“I love him too much and we still have eight more kids to make,” she giggled.

Sangoma Joseph Dungamanzi said that this was definitely done by a family member. He said that fixing this will be hard and will take some time. He said that it may take six months for it to be completely gone but it’ll go eventually.

“The wife will also have to come in because something was also done to her.”

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