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Bank Employees Questioned Over Lone Armed Robber

Following a theft at the ZB Bank branch in Victoria Falls last week, several bank employees have been questioned by police. The lone armed robber stormed the banking area just before closing time and waited for other customers to leave before pointing a gun at staff.

The unidentified suspect pretended to be looking for a loan from the branch while donning a hat and mask.

Yesterday, sources claimed that investigations were still ongoing and that bank employees were helping the police.

The CCTV footage that documented the entire robbery is now in the hands of the police.

Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, national police spokesperson, said the public would be kept up to date on any developments in the case.

Last week, police confirmed the armed robbery that occurred on Wednesday afternoon.

According to police, the unidentified suspect left with US$12 000 rather than the US$100,000 initially stated.

The suspect, who was dressed in a black and white T-shirt, grey trousers, a black hat, and a black mask, entered the banking hall masquerading as a legitimate customer.

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He allegedly approached Ms Caroline Dube, a bank teller, and inquired about the requirements for applying for a loan.

The lone armed robber, who was the last customer in the bank, moved towards the exit door around 3:55pm and Mr Lasho Ndlovu, a security guard from Peace Security Company, was following behind him so that he could close the door after this last customer’s exit since the bank was closing for the day.

Suddenly, the robber turned back and pointed a firearm at Mr Ndlovu before ordering everyone to remain still.

It is alleged that the suspect then ordered two bank tellers Ms Scholastic Mazinyani and Ms Siphiweyinkosi Mpofu to surrender all the cash in their tills.

The two surrendered the cash and the robber packed it in a satchel.

He then demanded keys to the back exit door from branch supervisor Mr Tinashe Shayamano.

Police were told that the suspect walked out of the bank through the exit door and walked westwards and started to run.

All the events were captured on closed-circuit television.

Police attended the scene after a report was made.

Police are also investigating another robbery where a suspect used the same modus operandi to walk into Glow Petroleum service station and threatened fuel attendants with a gun and went away with about US$50.

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