Mbudziyadhura quits acting

Popular Gringo series supporting act Blessing “Mbudziyadhura” Chimbowa has announced his retirement from acting on his Facebook page.

With almost 30 years experience in acting, mostly on the family comedy show Gringo, this looks to be a big loss, especially when his skits were attracting a new generation of audiences.

“What I am going to talk about is not a skit but something serious about the person you know as Mbudziyadhura. It’s about a heartbreaking decision. Today I announce to you that I am retiring from acting.

“I want to thank God. Mr Enoch Chihombori, thank you for creating this character, Mbudziyadhura. You believed in me and I enjoyed playing Mbudziyadhura. I call you the Leon Schuster of Zimbabwe, a creative genius.”

He also thanked his Manager whom he called Elder Para: “You believed in me. You pushed me.”

“My beautiful wife Agnes Tendai Chimbowa. I don’t know what I could have done without you, ever supporting, always encouraging thru thick and thin, ever smiling. I can’t find suitable ways to express my gratitude but I will always love you.”

Chimbowa thanked the acting industry and supporting government departments and fans “at home and abroad.”

“I want to apologise to my loyal fans who supported me when I was still a nobody. I had to be selfish and take this decision without consultation.”

“Ever since I made a comeback I have never enjoyed acting like I used to. Zvangu zvisisimo. I was no longer enjoying it. I had to be selfish and consider my happiness. It’s you who made this brand what it is. I want to apologise and thank you.”

“This is it! Thanks you and I am sorry,” he concluded as the camera panned out to reveal in his hands, his purple shirt and cream trousers and cross belts, that had become his trademark gear.

The closing scene was touching.

Chimbowa has endured the recent loss of close friend and main character, Lazarus Boora, among other original cast members. They were very close and making future plans to create Gringo Entertainment when Lazarus died.

In the aftermath of this loss Chimbowa endured serious illness but was nursed back to health.

Their production “Gringo Troublemaker” endured highly sophisticated and coordinated piracy that ensured a huge financial loss for the production team and actors, even while winning Awards locally.

Producer Ben Mahaka talked about the piracy scourge in another interview. It was also pirated internationally on satellite TV stations. This was probably the moment Zimbabwean TV dramas died. There have been other dramas and skits. But not of similar inventiveness and execution suitable for family audiences. The Gringo brand has endured since the mid-1990s.


Mbudziyadhura still returned to support Lazaraus Boora’s son Tau who has since revived the Gringo brand. The next generation of viewers received the work very well.

Fans reacting to the post did not take it well. Bethel Zhou summoned 4 words: “I can’t believe this.”

Grivancho Chengeta said; “This is so sad when legends like you put an end to this. I understand you bro. It’s so disheartening to be famous without any returns…we will always cherish you.”

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