Madam Boss Dismisses Pregnancy Rumours

Tarisai “Madam Boss” Chikocho, a comedian and socialite, has denied reports on social media that she is pregnant.

A number of posts and images on social media have suggested she is pregnant.

“What is circulating on social media about my pregnancy is not true,” Madam Boss said.

“I was recently ordered by my doctor to have a bed rest.

“Asi kana zviri zvemimba, mimba inokura haivanzike uye mushure memwedzi mipfumbamwe inozvarwa.

‘It is one thing people cannot try to speculate or guess.”

Madam Boss, who rose to fame through her comedic skits and pranks, has left social media users wondering if she is pregnant or not.

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This comes after she shared a photo of herself with her husband, Ngoni Munetsiwa, also known as Mhofela, on social media.

The versatile socialite mentioned in her caption that she was an MC at Patson and Lynn’s wedding, which took place at an undisclosed location in Zimbabwe.

“Zvinonakidza kuita ma MC pamuChato wemumhuri. Congratulations lyn and Partson,” Madam Boss captioned the images posted on her official Facebook page.

Although she was probably trying to hide her pregnancy by wearing a baggy dress, sharp-eyed Facebook users could not be fooled and they noticed what appeared to be a baby bump.

Social media users congratulated Madam Boss in the comments section after they noticed the bump.

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