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Couples Arrested During Wedding

TWO couples were yesterday detained and their cameras confiscated for taking photographs after their weddings at Harare Magistrates’ Court.

The couples and a freelance photographer, Jonabert Jukwa, were released at noon after Jukwa appealed to provincial magistrate Dennis Mangosi.

Jukwa asked to go to the toilet and he went straight to provincial magistrate Mangosi’s office.

The magistrate ordered the police and court officials to free them.

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One of the bridegrooms, only identified as Shoniwa, told H-Metro that they were not told that cameras were forbidden in court when they booked their wedding.

“My wedding day has been soiled,” said Shoniwa.

“We were asked to be in the courtroom at 6.30am only to leave in the afternoon.

“A policeman took our camera and took us to an administrator, who detained us in his office.

“My lovely wife’s wedding spirit has been dampened by this overzealous detention we suffered, “ he said.

Last week Harare Magistrates’ Court officials chucked out freelance photographers, wedding gown suppliers and food vendors from the court premises.


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