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‘I now enjoy sεx more with goblins than my husband’

IN a stranger-than-fiction incident, a Mutare woman claims that her uncle unleashed his sεx-starved goblins on them and they are now enjoying being intimate with the scary creatures more than with their spouses.

The sεx-loving spiritual beings which are alleged to at times appear in physical form to both female and male members of the Maina family in Chigodora area of Mutare peri-urban demand intimacy on a daily basis.

The family claims they no longer enjoy being intimate with their spouses as they crave for the goblins.


This prompted the family to drag their father-figure and uncle, Aaron Maina to headman Chengetai Chigodora’s court last week on Saturday.

Testifying at the community court, Delia Maina said she no longer enjoys sleeping with her husband as he is not as h_orny as Aaron’s goblins. She begged the court to force the old man to discard the goblins.

“The goblins have a high libido. It is always difficult to enjoy intimacy with your spouse after sleeping with the goblins. If my husband was here, he would have confirmed that I no longer enjoy being intimate with him as much as I do with the goblins. It is quite disheartening because as a result, I no longer see him as the head of the family. The goblins are making me despise my husband and crave them more,” explained Delia.

She begged headman Chigodora to order Aaron to free the family from the spiritual as well as physical attacks from the alleged goblins.

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Another family member, Eunice Maina, alleged that the elderly Aaron, killed her father (his brother) and cast the dead man’s avenging spirit on her.

She said she always have weird and scary dreams of her late father and Aaron and when she confronts him, he refuses to entertain her.

She further stated that the sεx-starved goblins are relentless in their demand for intimacy.

“I have approached my uncle on countless occasions asking him to help us, but he vehemently refused, telling me that he is Christian. I am a sεx slave to his goblins and snakes. This is now an open secret in our village. I have challenges in my marriage because of this. They are not sparing our brothers. Most of our brothers are not married,” she said.

However, the elderly Aaron insisted that his family never approached him over the issue.

He said he is prepared to consult prophets to have the issue resolved.


He also denied acquiring goblins or luck charms, while clearly telling the court that he is a Christian who does not believe in any traditional practices, but prayer.

“These children are lying. They never approached me with all these wild claims. It is the first time to hear of their bizarre claims and goblins stories. Had they approached me, I would have joined them and consulted prophets from my church. Why would I leave my family members to suffer? It honestly does not make any sense, they should just tell the truth before this court,” charged the senior citizen.

Aaron’s son, Liberty told the court tension was the order of the day in the family, hence endless scuffles over the goblins issue.

He, however, castigated other family members for blaming his father for their suffering.

“Every family has its own challenges. I think we need to sit down as a family and find a lasting solution. My father should not the fall guy. Problems will always be there and we just need to be united,” he said.

Headman Chigodora ordered the old man and his sister to play ball and help the suffering family members.

“Be transparent and help these children. If indeed you have anything to do with these goblins and sufferings that are happening within your extended families, come out clean and confess.


“You will face my full wrath if we end up consulting traditional healers and you are caught on the wrong side of everything. The way you are acting shows that you are trying to conceal the truth. We will give you the benefit of the doubt and consult spiritual healers. Be prepared to surrender your goblins,” ordered headman Chigodora.

The matter was adjourned to January 7, 2023.

Thereafter, the family will consult spiritual healers in the company of headman Chigodora’s aides.-Manica Post


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