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Nyaope Drug Addicts Sell Mom’s House For US$180

Drug abuse is a real scourge that has led Mashele brothers from Klipgat near Mabopane, north of Tshwane, who are both addicted to nyaope, to sell their mother’s house for a song.

They have been smoking for years, and believe they are cursed.

Samuel (41) said Lasi (37) started smoking first.

“He started in 2018 and I told him to stop,” he said, not knowing that he would also join him.

“I found myself trapped in the evil drug in 2019. We were both introduced to it by friends.”

Samuel said before he got addicted to nyaope, he consulted a sangoma as he was worried about his brother.

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“I was told we are cursed and I would join him. I didn’t take that seriously, but I can now see that our lives are a mess.”

He said they sold their late mother’s house for R3 000 in 2020 after being manipulated and were now living in their late gogo’s one-bedroomed house.

Traditional healer Dineo Sibanyoni said: “Their family from the father’s side didn’t do things right, so ancestors are angry. A ritual must be done where they ask for forgiveness. They can get a white candle, red cloths and snuff, and ask a family member to go to the bush with them and do the ritual. They must do it for three days.”

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