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Baby With No Head, Arm And Leg Found Dumped

THE mutilated body of a three-month-old girl was found dumped in a yard in Bronville, Welkom, in the Free State on Friday, 13 January.

The lifeless body of the girl was discovered by the owner of a house in Bronxville with no head, leg and arm.

Police spokesman Captain Steven Thakeng said an unknown baby was found with missing body parts and stab wounds.

“The owner of a certain house in Bronville found the body of a baby lying inside the yard. The body of the girl child who was found with four stab wounds on her back. The head, right arm and left leg were cut off with a sharp instrument,” said Thakeng.

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The centre manager and founder of Itekeng Disabled Centre Matshele Raletoane blamed it on the high rate of teenage pregnancy in the province.

Matshele called on women organisations to encourage young women not to kill their babies, and to rather take them to child centres.

“We all don’t know what happened. But according to my personal perspective someone killed the baby primarily because she can’t afford it and the father distanced himself. We call on police to leave no stone unturned. This is inhuman behaviour which cannot be tolerated,” said Matshele.-Daily Sun

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