Idols SA Winner Molomo Selling Eggs Despite Winning R1 Million

Despite earning R1 million two months ago, Thapelo Molomo, the winner of Idols SA 2022, is maintaining his composure.

Since it was discovered that Molomo is selling eggs and atchar out of the trunk of his car, tongues are wagging.


Since Thapelo Molomo won the Idols SA prize money, South Africans have speculated that he is now forced to sell eggs in order to survive. But due to his desire to spread his financial risks, Molomo disclosed that he decided to set up a side business.

Thapelo Molomo said selling eggs is another stream of income for him. He told Daily Sun that his side hustle is a motivation to other musicians to widen their horizons.

“This is another form of income for me. It’s a motivation for the people in the music industry to say, let’s try other ways of getting money because it’s difficult to get it right every time in the music space,” he told the publication.

He said as a musician, he cannot rely on his craft only to put food on the table, given its seasonal nature.

“It’s better if you have a side hustle where you know you have other money coming in,” he said.

He encouraged people not to be ashamed of their side hustles, calling on people to sell whatever they can.

“Don’t be shy with your side hustle. Sell those perfumes or chickens. Sell whatever you can!,” Thapelo Molomo said.

He said his egg business is booming. Thapelo Molomo said he has been able to balance selling eggs, his music career and other endeavours because of focus.

“It’s going extremely well. Taking that step was great because now, I’m making a profit. The very same business that people might laugh at is giving me money. I work as both a counsellor and a musician, and I am managing well. Time management and being focused are my things,” he said.

The Idols SA 2022 winner told the publication that he is releasing an EP next month. The EP will feature some of the contestants from Idols.

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