Zimbabwean Features In Hollywood Movie: Beast

Tafara Nyatsanza, a Zimbabwean film actor, has landed a role in the Hollywood thriller ‘Beast’.

Having started off as a theatre producer, Nyatsanza has established his footing in the film sector after acting as Banji in American survival action thriller ‘Beast’.

The Zimbabwean joins a superb cast that includes Idris Elba.

“Banji is a tour guide and game ranger and is in love with Idris Elba’s daughter. I had to be a love interest to the first role; that’s basically the role,” Nyatsanza says.

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Nyatsanza is based in South Africa and is also known for his role as Tendai on South Africa Netflix production Blood & Water.

He attributes his success to hard work and professional expertise.

“I learnt how to act for film cause I started in theatre. I learnt how to minimise my acting which was more theatrical. I would say go to school and learn more. This is something that requires more than passion.”

The Fleur du Cap Theatre Award winner who was recognised for his contribution in South African theatre also starred in another Hollywood horror film ‘Spell’ released in 2020.

In other news, Ashton Nyahore, a popular modern singer better known by his stage name Mbeu, married Faith Mashami, a much older woman, recently. As usual, social media has been cruel in its criticism of the marriage calling it unbalanced due to the two people’s age differences.

The marriage comes after Mbeu was last year reported by the Zim Morning Post to have dumped his wife Letrose Marenga for the businesswoman.

Chembere Mukadzi: Fans Defend Mbeu's Choice To Marry "Older" Woman
Chembere Mukadzi: Fans Defend Mbeu’s Choice To Marry “Older” Woman

Mashami is said to be the owner of the executive fashion boutique Vessels Of Honour in the city.

When asked about their relationship at the time, Mashami could neither confirm nor deny it, remaining ambiguous.


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