AKA’s death has been confirmed by his family.

The parents of the late South African hip hop star AKA, who was shot and killed last night, have released a statement regarding their son’s passing. The message is in regards to their son’s passing.

AKA, who was 35 years old, and his bodyguard were both killed in a shooting outside of a restaurant in the city of Durban in the province of KwaZulu-Natal.


Tony and Lynn Forbes, the star’s parents, referred to their son’s passing as “tragic” and “very sad.” Tony Forbes was a multi-award winning actor. They stated that:

We can now announce the untimely and tragic demise of our cherished son on the evening of February 10, 2023, and it is with great sorrow that we commemorate his passing and express our condolences to his family.

We are expecting additional information from the Durban Police Department at this time.

The most important role that Kiernan Jarryd Forbes played in our lives was that of a father to his cherished daughter Kairo. He was our son, brother, grandchild, nephew, cousin, and friend. Many people referred to him as AKA, SUPAMEGA, or BHOVA, in addition to the many other terms of endearment that his legion of fans dubbed him.

Our son was loved, and he responded to that love by loving others. During this difficult time, we ask for your compassion as well as some space and time to be together as a family so that we may make plans for the days ahead.

We are grateful to all of you for the love and support that you have shown us up to this point, and we ask that you continue to keep us in your prayers and seek the Lord on our behalf.

As South Africans try to come to grips with ANA’s unexpected demise, they continue to send expressions of grief to the family and friends of ANA.


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