Americans ‘catch feelings’ over Shadaya’s comments on Rihanna, A$AP Rocky relationship

Americans have been “up in their feelings” against controversial Zimbabwean anti-feminist Shadaya Tawona Knight on Twitter for making fun of Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s relationship.

Because of his offensive comments and toxic masculinity towards the celebrity couple, “The Alpha Male,” as he is known affectionately, found himself being called out on American Twitter.

Shadaya shared the British Vogue magazine cover, which showed Rihanna and A$AP Rocky holding their infant son, on his Twitter account.

Shadaya captioned the photo, claiming that it clearly shows Rihanna is the one in control of the relationship, accusing her of emasculating A$AP Rocky. He also made fun of A$AP Rocky, claiming that he was about to become a proud mother of two children.

“The emasculation of men continues…you can already tell who the man is in this relationship…that dude about to be a proud mother of 2😂😂😂,” Shadaya tweeted.

American Twitter, on the other hand, did not take his disparaging comments lightly, dragging him and slamming him for mocking Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s relationship.

They ripped into Shadaya, mocking his profile picture and calling him a poor little fragile man who can’t stand seeing other men supporting their girlfriends or wives.

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They labelled him a loser who despises women and hides behind his computer while degrading them.

Take a look at some of the reactions;

@Tauriq Moosa

As a straight man, I am begging you to calm the hell down please. Holy hell. There is nothing “emasculating” about … any of this. You are projecting your own insecurities into a universal contingent of ethical deliberation, which is not only misplaced but highly presumptive.

Oliver Reeve@FeltonR

My brother married a woman who earns waaaay more than he does. Now he works part time and spends lots of time in his lovely house having a great time with his daughter. He also spends a lot of time at the gym , so he’s ripped, which his wife doesn’t mind at all 😂

🦏The Indomitable🦏 Faded Art 🎨@FadedPlagueArt

I’ve raised 5 awesome kids, and spent 5 years of that time as a stay at home dad while my wife worked and also ran a multimillion-dollar business for 10 of those years. Want to tell me I’m less of a man to my face?

Liana Ruppert 🔜 GDC@DirtyEffinHippy
Is being a man so fragile that a photo ruins it? The magazine article is about her, her career, and her life. A good, secure man knows when to let their partner shine.


Ukraine Memes for NATO Teens@LivFaustDieJung

You’re aware Vogue is a women’s magazine and Rihanna had a song called “Vogue”?

It would be weird to center A$AP on a cover feature about her.

To say nothing of real men being comfortable & happy.with their love being successful.

What a sad sad man you are.


Justin Johnson@jusjohnson86

I’m sure he wishes he can be as masculine as you are. He’s a successful artist who is in a relationship with a beautiful billionaire. You… *checks notes* … have a podcast.


What a small minded, antiquated attitude. It’s not emasculating to care for & support your family in whatever way is required at the time. It’s all about teamwork in a great relationship, of which you’ve had none is my guess. Antiquated gender roles FTW amiright 🙄🤪😬

Shadaya, who continues to be unapologetic despite being roasted mercilessly by American Twitter, sent them another tweet telling them to calm down and mocking them for declaring war on an air balloon.

“Amer!cans up in their feelings

Calm down sn0wflakes

It’s just a tweet

Then again, last week y’all declared war on an air balloon

Talk about 🤡🤡🤡

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