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Robbers Stripped, Sjamboked

THEY were accused of terrorising e-hailing customers for many months by accepting trip requests from customers and then robbing them of their belongings.

And it is alleged no action was taken against the men, despite customers complaining.

But their luck ran out on Tuesday, 14 February.

This after the four suspects were caught allegedly trying to rob students in the Polokwane CBD in Limpopo.

They were stripped n_aked and severely beaten with sjamboks.

They were then forced to parade n_aked across the streets of Polokwane for everyone to see.

While parading, they were forced to sing: “A re sa tshwara poo,” translated to: “We are no longer robbing people.”

The video of the four n_aked men walking the streets of Polokwane has been making rounds on social media.

In the video, one man can be heard telling them to hold each other’s hands while walking.

Social media users expressed their happiness that they were finally caught and taught a lesson, and were also relieved that they’ll now request rides freely without any fear.

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Rabelo Morwa Masemola said: “The only people who terrorise Polokwane are that group of four guys who rob people in daylight along the streets of Rissik and Paul Kruger, Church and Paul Kruger, Excelsior and Church. One of them is scary and tall.”

Tlou Joseph wrote: “Well done guys. Let’s leave the so-called police officers to enjoy their salaries for doing nothing for the Polokwane community.”

Francis Maisha Sebola said police fail to protect them against evil criminals.

“Polokwane will now be a crime-free zone. An example has been set,” he said.

The residents said this should send a message to other criminals that their days are numbered if they don’t stop what they’re doing.

Following this incident, Limpopo E-hailing Unity group chairman Bheki Manaka issued a statement distancing themselves from the incidents.

“The four men were operating using stolen e-hailing profiles. They are just criminals who should be left to the law enforcement agencies to deal with,” read the statement.

Limpopo police spokesman Colonel Malesela Ledwaba confirmed the incident and said that it is under investigation.

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