Arsenal Player Reiss Nelson Rejects Zimbabwean Roots

Reiss Nelson, the talented Arsenal star, recently addressed speculations about his nationality and clarified that he does not have any Zimbabwean roots, contrary to popular belief.

According to Soccer24, 23-year-old Reiss had been considered eligible to play for Zimbabwe, as he was born to a Zimbabwean father and a British mother.

Speaking on the Arsenal weekly show Colney Carpool, Nelson set the record straight, stating that he is not from Zimbabwe, but rather from Jamaica, as his mother hails from the Caribbean island.

He acknowledged the misconceptions that have been circulating about his nationality and revealed that he had never explicitly stated his heritage before.

People think I’m from Zimbabwe, and I had a lot of speculation about where I’m from and stuff like that because I have never really come out and say ‘I’m from this place’ yeah,” said Nelson during the show.

Shedding light on his true heritage, Reiss said;

“I’m actually from Jamaica, my mom is from Jamaica.”

Reiss Nelson’s statement is likely to put an end to any lingering hopes of him representing Zimbabwe and wearing the gold and green Warriors strip. Despite being eligible to play for the African nation, he has clarified that his heritage lies elsewhere, reaffirming his Jamaican roots.

Mixed Reactions Emerge as Reiss Nelson Denies Zimbabwean Roots

Reiss Nelson’s recent denial of his Zimbabwean roots has sparked mixed reactions among fans and the public alike. The Arsenal star’s remarks have stirred controversy, with some expressing disappointment and frustration, while others empathize with his sentiment of not being proud to be associated with Zimbabwe.

Check out some of the reactions;

@Freddy Wakatsambowacho;

Nobody is proud to be a Zimbabwean amana be specific ….. I wish I can unzimbabwe myself

@Tsanzirai Damunesa;

If we all were given options on where we want to be born….l most certainly would not choose Zimbabwe at all 


That’s the problem with Zimbabweans, we claim people to be one of ours when they have made it but when they are just like me. We don’t recognise them.

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