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Inspiring story of vendor who sponsored her degree selling snacks on campus

A remarkable story of triumph and perseverance has emerged from the Mangosuthu University of Technology (MUT), leaving South Africans awestruck and inspired.

The latest graduate to capture the nation’s hearts is none other than Nosipho Ngidi, who embodies the spirit of rising above humble beginnings and never giving up.

During MUT’s graduation ceremony for the Marketing and Office Technology Departments, Ngidi stole the show with her emotional display of tears and joy upon receiving her hard-earned qualification.

Despite facing countless obstacles and challenges, she never lost sight of her goal, and her unwavering determination has made her a beacon of hope for many.

What makes Ngidi’s journey even more impressive is that she worked tirelessly to make ends meet while studying, and selling snacks on campus to earn a living.

Her unashamed hustle and dedication to her dreams were on full display when she proudly walked up to the stage, with wares in her arms, to receive her certificate.

Nosipho Ngidi’s Graduation Inspires South Africans


Taking to their official Facebook page on Thursday, MUT expressed their heartfelt congratulations and well-wishes for Nosipho Ngidi’s future endeavours.

Not surprisingly, Nosipho Ngidi’s Facebook timeline has been flooded with congratulatory messages from her family and friends, who are all overjoyed at her success.

South Africans across social media platforms are proudly sharing the triumphant tale of Nosipho Ngidi.

The celebratory posts feature images of her donning her graduation attire, while the captions recount her moving experience at the graduation ceremony. One such caption reads, “MUT student who is now a graduate Nosipho Ngidi broke in tears receiving her qualification. She was known of selling sweets and chips at campus to fund her needs as a lady. Yes she ascended the stage with her chips in her arms. Congratulations girl you made it. Hustlers never fail.🥺❤️

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