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‘Only prayers can save’ Zimbabwe cricket legend Heath Streak as he lies on deathbed

Zimbabwean cricket legend, Heath Streak, is reportedly critically ill and on his deathbed, according to sources close to his family. The former Zimbabwean national cricket team captain and fast bowler has fallen “extremely ill”, prompting calls for prayers from the public.

The Call for Prayers

David Coltart, a former education, sports, and culture minister and MP, who is close to Streak and his family, took to Twitter to appeal to Zimbabweans to pray for the cricket icon. He tweeted:

This is a call to prayer warriors in #Zimbabwe and beyond. Heath Streak, one of the greatest cricketers our nation has ever produced, is extremely ill and needs our prayers. Please could we all be in prayer for him and his family.”

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Sports journalists Mike Madoda and Adam Theofilatos, also took to Twitter to report the dire state of the cricket legend. Madoda tweeted that Streak was on his “last legs” while Theo described the news as “awful”.

Wrote Madoda,

“Heath Streak is on his last legs. Family en route to South Africa from the UK..

“Seems only a miracle will save him now.

“Prayers up.”


A Legendary Cricket Career

Heath Streak had an outstanding cricket career and is regarded as one of Zimbabwe’s greatest cricketers of all time. He was the first Zimbabwean to reach 100 Test wickets, and his cricket legacy in Zimbabwe and internationally is transcendental. However, in 2021, Streak was found in breach of International Cricket Council anti-corruption policies and suspended from the game.

Streak’s Suspension

The former fast bowler admitted to five breaches of the ICC’s anti-corruption code, including accepting payment in bitcoin from a potential corruptor, Indian businessman Deepak Agarwal. In his apology, Streak tried to explain his relationship with Agarwal and said that he never had any intention to corrupt the game.

Streak’s Illness

Details about Streak’s illness remain unclear, but reports suggest that he is critically ill and that his family is en route to South Africa from the UK. Sources close to the family say that only a miracle can save him now.

Prayers Needed

As Zimbabweans and the international cricket community anxiously wait for updates on Streak’s condition, his fans and well-wishers are urged to pray for him and his family during this difficult time.


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