Musa Mseleku thanks first wife for allowing him to marry more wives

Musa Mseleku, best known for his part in the sitcom “Uthando Nesthembu,” recently expressed his deep gratitude for his first wife, MaCele, in a compelling social media post.

Musa Mseleku took to Instagram to thank MaCele for her support and blessings as he embarked on a life of polygamy, eventually adding three additional wives to their family.

Mseleku poured his heart out in an emotive essay, thanking MaCele for accepting polygamy and allowing their family to grow.

He acknowledged her as a remarkable woman for protecting the vision and legacy he is building. In his message, he addressed her as “Your Royal Highness MaCele Magaye, Mamkhulu Vico Ndlovukazi Mseleku,” emphasizing her role in shaping their unique family dynamic.

In the heartfelt message, Musa Mseleku expressed gratitude, stating that without her, the special family they are constructing would not exist.

You made me a real man for protecting my vision, without you, this special family we are building wouldn’t exist.”

Musa Mseleku praised his first wife Macele for being the cornerstone of their polygamous lifestyle, recognizing the significance of her unwavering support.

Mseleku’s admiration for MaCele extended beyond her initial support. He regarded her as a woman of strength and depth, highlighting her significance in their polygamous lifestyle

Thank you so much MaNdosi you are a woman and more. May God bless and protect you. The wives that I have, it was because you gave me your blessings Mamkhulu MaCele you were only 22 years when we got married. Salute my Queen.”

Mseleku’s tribute post was filled with love and appreciation, acknowledging MaCele as the foundation of their polygamous journey.

The post not only celebrated MaCele’s unwavering support but also shed light on the incredible bond Mseleku shares with his wives. After marrying MaCele at a young age, Mseleku went on to wed Nokukhanya ‘Mayeni’ Mseleku, Thobile ‘MaKhumalo’ Mseleku, and Mbali ‘MaNgwabe’ Mseleku, creating a unique family unit.-iharare

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