‘Somizi’ Mhlongo falls off stage

Somizi Mhlongo has the socials buzzing after a clip of his lookalike started making rounds on the internet. In the short video, Somgaga’s doppelgänger, Kabako, is captured performing to a lively crowd before falling offstage.

In a Twitter (X) post shared by user ChrisExcel, a Ugandan performer by the name Kabako, who strikes a remarkable resemblance to media personality Somizi Mhlongo, is seen performing on stage.

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From the wavy hair down to the high-heeled boots, the performer could pass as Somgaga’s doppelgänger. As the clip progresses, the lookalike moves across the stage, which is not in the best shape, and falls below after stepping on a loose platform piece.

“Please pray for Somizi.”

Mzansi erupts from Somizi lookalike clip

Online users are hysterically laughing at the clip of Somizi’s doppelgänger and the jokes have started to fly across the socials.

Tshegowmscott said: “This is hilarious!”

valazat responded: “Bro was sent to an early grave!”

pinkdoll_love asked: “When and where did this happen?”

MONGZAR_ posted: “The underground gang is on the hunt for him, it’s time!”

AdvocateStreet added: “Rumours say his still down there…”

ketsiboy said: “Yoh… I hope he didn’t get hurt yaz.”

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