Tinashe Mutarisi exposes Passion Java, threatens to sue him for lying that Mnangagwa is after Nash Paints

Nash Paints business executive Tinashe Mutarisi has come out guns blazing after self-proclaimed prophet Passion Java called him claiming that he has been sent to sabotage his business.

According to Tinashe Mutarisi, Passion Java and Mudiwa Hood called him saying that he is being targeted by the government as a way of instilling fear in him.

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In a video he shared on social media, Mutarisi went on a tirade and exposed Passion Java’s recorded phone conversation.

“Passion Java called me aina Mudiwa claiming he was sent by authorities to campaign against me and my business. This isi a lie as no one has been authorized or sent them and it’s their attention-seeking behavior. The government supports my hustles obviously.” Mutarisi said

In the video he says that he has more money than Passion Java and is more wiser. He also says that he has better chances of meeting President Emmerson Mnangagwa since he has more to offer to the country’s GDp ad employment contributions.

Tinashe Mutarisi also says he has more connections in and around the country than Passion Java has and also threatened to sue him.

He claims that he has all the phone conversations he has ever had with Java on record as he received all of them while in his office.

Passion Java has nothing to offer, Mutarisi claims as he chides him for bringing little substance in his social media antics.

In one of the recorded phone conversations, Tinashe Mutarisi claims that Passion Java told him he knows who burnt his factory and claims that such people were sent to detroy his company.

Mutarisi, however, says that the government actually needs him and his business model goes in line with President Mnangagwa’s vision of empowering its citizns.

Watch the video below;




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