Mudiwa Hood burnt for trying to bring Mutarisi, Passion Java to peace

Businessman Mudiwa Hood found himself in the middle of a tempest storm after his attempt to make peace between fellow business executive Tinashe Mutarisi of Nash Holdings who has been exchanging vile words with controversial clergyman, Passion Java.

The tirade that ensured between Java and Mutarisi ended up with his name being dropped in the saga. This prompted him to issue an apology on Facebook, Mudiwa Hood wrote a lengthy post asking for an apology for his role in the drama that rocked the streets yesterday.

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Yesterday Tinashe Mutarisi posted a video on his Facebook blasting Passion Java and Mudiwa Hood. According to Nash Holdings owner, the two had called him threatening him saying they were sent by the government.

Tinashe Mutarisi went on to threaten to expose Passion Java on how he bragged about having the president on speed dial and the role he played in the burning down of Mutarisi’s factory. Mutarisi called Java a liar who uses the government’s name to lie and threaten people.

Tinashe Mutarisi and Passion Java
Tinashe Mutarisi and Passion Java

The rapper-turned-businessman is said to have been with Java when the call was made to Tinashe Mutarisi. According to Mudiwa Hood’s statement, he tried to make two men he looked up to iron out their differences.

This was met with a lot of backlash from fans and celebrities as many rallied behind Tinashe Mutarisi. This was mainly because of his philanthropic work and how he helps local talent.

Mudiwa Hood’ Apology

In a statement on his Facebook, the rapper apologized to everyone who blamed him for his role in the drama. He went on to explain that he only wanted peace between the two businessmen, but his method unfortunately did not work.

Mudiwa apologized to Mr Mutarisi for what he did that angered the businessman. He also stated that he has no interest in politics and only wanted Java and Mutarisi to be friends.

Who ever finds me at fault between Prophet Passion and Mukoma Tinashe Mutarisi Saga, kindly accept my apology…and from the deepest part of my heart…Please take me off these conversations… my deepest apologies for trying to help.

I genuinely thought peace could be worked out, and solution be found to solve their differences but… it didn’t work.

Mukoma Tinashe Mutarisi I apologize for whatever it is, you thought i did or said, which we all know i said nothing bad to you…,but it seems you were not happy with me, in that video you posted…My apologies.

I am apolitical with Zero interest in politics, i had good intentions to find two brothers i know deeply, getting along.

Nommatter, who i hang out , know or befriend…I AM BUILT DIFFERENTLY…I have principles, and i stick to them.

I am not built to fight, argue or sabotage others, whether through words or actions, I am peacemaker, Do i regret playing that role, No… such is life… you win sometimes you get burnt. Thats LEADERSHIP!

If you come to my page and find me belittling anyone, sabotaging anyone, or disrespecting anyone… it is hacked… God is love…

When misunderstood, I quickly take responsibility and apologize, I value relationships and not an inch of pride will stop me from that.

May be with time 😞 Mukoma Mutarisi will come out of his emotions and clear my name.

To Baba Harare, well done on the new Project “Prove them wrong” , you out did your self… well done….would have loved to buy the album from you mukoma to show my love and support but guess am not your favourite, will still buy and support, all the best Mukoma.

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