Is he a nurse aide? Comic Pastor reveals why he is still in the UK

Award-winning comedian Prosper Ngomashi, known as Comic Pastor, has been at the centre of a whirlwind of rumours and speculations about his alleged relocation to the United Kingdom. It all started when he embarked on a trip to the UK, and social media erupted with claims that he had secured a coveted Certificate of Sponsorship (COS) allowing him to work as a nurse aide in the UK’s care work industry.


“What people are saying is something else, but I chose to ignore it. I haven’t relocated, but I am here for business and obvious comic structure,” Comic Pastor affirmed.

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Comic Pastor, currently staying in London, made it clear that he has not deserted his homeland. He is in the UK for business and the pursuit of his comedy career and not to work as a nurse aide.  He told the Herald,

“I get people asking me every day if I have ditched comedy to become a nurse aide. Alas, I am coming back on November 17,” he declared.

He emphasized that his journey is not a permanent relocation and that Zimbabwe remains his home and a significant source of his fan base.

“Zimbabwe is my home country, and a huge chunk of my fans are there, so I will always come there to dine with them. I have no permanent residence in the UK,” he reassured.

Comic Pastor’s journey in the world of comedy has been nothing short of remarkable. Before the digital era, he worked as a cattle herder, but the advent of social media transformed his life.

“These days through social media, we are blessed as comedians. Before the advent of social media, no one knew about me, but when smartphones emerged, my life changed from being a cattle header to a famous comedian,” he shared.

With the power of social media, he continues to connect with his fans and generate income by incorporating online advertisements into his skits.

“I’m earning a lot through social media, I use my online page to advertise. Even if I’m out of Zimbabwe, I can still operate efficiently,” he explained.

Comic Pastor’s time in the UK has proven to be fruitful, with an enthusiastic response from the local audience.

“So far, UK life is good, and my trade as an MC is at the peak. Almost every weekend, I have an event to cover as an MC,” he revealed. “I’m very famous here, and many Zimbabweans and even the white community know me.”

His experiences in the UK comedy scene have exposed him to valuable insights, which he plans to share upon his return to Zimbabwe.

“I will share the lessons when I come back, what we have been missing in Zimbabwe,” he said. “I did two events for the white people.”

In conclusion, Comic Pastor’s journey to the UK is not a permanent departure but rather a business venture to expand his comedic horizons. With the support of social media and his growing fan base, he continues to make a mark in the world of comedy while bridging the gap between Zimbabwe and the UK comedy scenes.

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