Sedote skips country after stealing flopped Burna Boy concert money

The Burna Boy concert which was scheduled to take place on 23 September has left a bitter taste in many people’s mouths. It has also left many people in debt, broke, service providers unhappy and some fraud and defamation cases filed.

However, the one person who suffered a great loss was US businessman and investor, Gregory Wings who ploughed millions of rands towards the concert and was left defrauded by Ternary Media Group’s CEO, Sedote Nwachukwu.

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After reports of service providers not paid, Ticketpro cancelled the concert and Sedote was reported to have fled the country. A case of fraud was opened by Wings against Sedote, who according to a source, has suffered great financial loss from the partnership.

” Sedote tricked Gregory Wings into funding the concert. Gregory gave him the money thinking he would get a return on investments, but instead, his money was stolen,’ says the source.

“Sedote said he would make him a partner for the project. He was just a funder, Sedote stole R9.1 million from Ticketpro. He owes Gregory 1.6 million US dollars, not Rands. His accounts have been frozen because of this mess.’

According to the insider, Sedote has been spotted living his best life and popping bottles at Johannesburg nightclubs, despite rumours of him being on the run.

The public relations company responsible for the concert, Khanya PR, run by Helga Klizanie also distanced themselves from the saga. In a statement, Khanya PR said,

“We have, as an agency, elected to withdraw our services which have up to now included PR and social media management. We have, following consideration of our business interests and working through the necessary legal advice, concluded that it is in the best interest of all parties concerned that we cease our role in the event. We wish the organisers well in their efforts and journey towards the concert and their future projects,’ the agency said at the time.


According to a letter of demand seen by ZiMoja, Khanya PR and Thabiso Tshabalala who runs Cake Media are being asked to refund a sum of R410 000 which is the value of tickets personally taken by both PR companies and sold to the public, and in which profits and proceeds where not reported to the funder, Wings.

“From what I know, Greg is also suing Helga and Thabiso for reputational damage, defamation, false representation, and spreading rumours that the said tickets were stolen by Gregory,’ the source says. “The tickets were not stolen.Thabiso and Helga sold them and never paid the guy.”

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