Nigerian prophet ‘killed’ Supersport goalie George Chigova; Watch

A video has emerged showing a Nigerian prophet telling the late SuperSport United goalkeeper George Chigova to ignore his heart condition diagnosis.

George Chigova, the former Zimbabwe Warriors goalminder, passed on in his sleep at his Johannesburg home on 15 November 2023. He had been out of football action since July when he collapsed during a training session with SuperSport United.

On Wednesday, he reportedly woke up, walked around the house and returned to sleep. When his wife went to wake him up after sleeping for too long, he was unresponsive, and paramedics declared him dead.

A video is trending online showing George Chigova having an encounter with a Nigerian prophet. The church leader picked Chigova and asked him about the contract extension at SuperSport United. Chigova then replied that they were delaying the process because they discovered that his heart was weak and irregular.

The Nigerian prophet then told Chigova that there was nothing wrong with his heart; it was just his thoughts. He alleged that the diagnosis was just people trying to make sure he did not get a new football contract.

Watch the video below.

X users expressed reservations about the Nigerian prophet. Some threw the blame on him for George Chigova’s death. Check the comments below.


“Fake prophets are now a menace in the African continent, ummm.”


“Africans will perish with this level of colonial religious fundamentalism. Why entrust one’s health to a Pentecostal soothsayer with neither medical 🏥 training nor a basic understanding of science 🧪.”


“I will always trust the Doctor, not a Pastor, in the issues of my health!!!”


“Shame! These so-called prophets should be banned! Kagame, of all the people, is trying best in this area.”

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