Mashwede’s son demands resignation of Deputy Chief Justice, Judges

Tendai Mashamhanda, a businessman from Harare and the son of Mashwede Holdings owner Alex Mashamanda, has written to Justice Minister Ziyambi Ziyambi, requesting the resignation of Supreme Court judges Chinembiri Bhunu and Antonia Guvava as well as Deputy Chief Justice Elizabeth Gwaunza. The letter refers to alleged instances of corruption and breaches of the 2012 Judicial Service (Code of Ethics) Regulations.

Webster Nicholas Chinamora, a judge on the High Court, abruptly resigned after a committee was formed to look into his eligibility for the position. A dossier outlining infractions committed while performing his duties was put together by the Judicial Service Commission.

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Mashamhanda accuses the judges of presiding over an appeal case where false evidence was accepted, claiming that a house bought for $230,000 was sold at an auction for $1.5 million. He also alleges the acceptance of false evidence regarding a caveat on the property.

Caveat, a term derived from the Latin meaning “let him beware,” is used to protect interests in a property, acting as a freeze on the property to prevent conflicting dealings. Mashamanda disputes the existence of a caveat on the property, citing information from the Deeds Registry office.

In a letter dated November 6, 2023, Mashamhanda outlines the alleged errors in the Supreme Court judgment, emphasizing violations of the Judicial Service (Code of Ethics) Regulations, 2012. He expresses disappointment at the lack of response to previous complaints and calls for the resignation of the three judges.

Mashamhanda disputes various statements in the judgment, including the claim of a property auction and the existence of a caveat. He questions the integrity of the documents presented and raises concerns about fake proof of payment receipts.

Alex Mashamanda, director of Mashwede Holdings, supports the call for the judge’s resignation, emphasizing the alleged violation of judiciary ethics. He details the prejudice suffered by his son, totalling around $1.8 million, due to the claimed fraudulent actions of the Supreme Court.

These allegations raise serious concerns about the integrity of the judicial process. It emphasises the need for a thorough investigation into the claims made by Tendai Mashamhanda.

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