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Q Dube Strikes Again: “Zimbabweans Should Not Smell Like Dead Bodies In South Africa”

Controversial Zimbabwean comedian Q Dube has sparked outrage once again after a new video of him urging Zimbabweans to bath and stop smelling like Zimbabweans emerged on social media

Q Dube who has been stirring controversy with his remarks about Zimbabweans smelling bad and not bathing has ignited another wave of criticism from Zimbos.

This comes barely a week after Q Dube made more controversial remarks, centred around his fear of smelling like a Zimbabwean.

Speaking on a South African podcast, Q Dube revealed that he fears smelling like a Zimbabwean when asked about his biggest fear.

Q Dube went on to claim that some of the Zimbabweans have smelly armpits such that they can easily be identified.

“No, you know, some of our Zimbabwean brothers. Like when I am walking and I smell a ‘kwapha,’ I am like there is a Zimbabwean here!”

After facing heavy criticism, he later came out to apologize to his fellow country people.

Dube attributed his controversial remarks to over-excitement and losing control of the conversation, acknowledging the numerous expressions of disappointment he received.

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And now, a new video of him mocking his fellow Zimbabweans has surfaced on social media.

In the video which has already started circulating on social media, Q Dube can be seen seated in a car driving in Mzansi. Recording himself, Q Dube urged Zimbabweans to bath and use deodorants. He emphasized that Zimbabweans should bath especially now that it is summer.

“Bath please, it is now summer, it is now hot. We do not want to see any bikinis, any beer, any sweat, we just want to see deodorants and roll on.

“You cannot be smelling like a dead body when you are alive, bath, please,” Q Dube said.

Q Dube added that no Zimbabwean should be smelling like a Zimbabwean in South Africa.

“Busy smelling like a Zimbabwean, no, no one is going to smell like a Zimbabwean here in South Africa, bath.”

Q Dube controversial remarks have sparked outrage on social media. Zimbabweans expressed their displeasure with his utterances.

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