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Fikile Mbalula’s daughter Kelly killed

South African politician, ANC Secretary General has shared devastating news about the death of his daughter Kelly whom unidentified people killed.

Mr Mbalula announced on his social media about the death of Kelitile Mathatha.

“Am hurt today They killed my daughter am hurt.💔”, He lamented.

In another post he shared brief details about the incident saying that she was working in his office.

Kelly was working in my office in the secretary generals office she was killed today .

It is not yet clear what caused Kelly’s demise except that she may have been a murder victim.

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Thousands of condolence messages poured in from various people.

Condolences Fikile Mbalula. That is a terrible thing to happen to anyone. Very sad news.


I strongly dislike the way ANC governs our nation, but I cannot neglect offering my condolences for the loss of your daughter. My heartfelt apologies for your tragic loss, and may her soul find eternal peace.


That’s so sad, I hope your heart gets some healing soon, and may her soul rest in peace.

Please consider getting some private investigator and some true izinkabi to get you some justice.

The current government never gets anyone any justice. I’m sure you know about that.


Aaah 💔 l love my daughters l can feel your pain. Condolences my brother.


So sorry for what happened to your daughter❤️. May you please find healing.

It has, however, been clarified that it is not his biological daughter and some people were not happy with Mr Mbalula’s tweet.

Here are some reactions;


YOU NEH! Have us out here writing long messages of condolences directed to the wrong families. We are even confusing ancestors because of your way of talking…mxm


You confused many people. Yet still, Condolences. That is the typical way of doing things at the ANC.


Ahhh we thought you meant biological, but kee like attention 🤔


Maybe this should have been the Tweet and not that other one grootman. Kore leka ntho tse serious letsa so.


I was too scared about your feelings but i had senses that you were not referring to your biological daughter cause no body would tweet like how you did if it was an actual biological daughter

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