US rapper Drake delights Mzansi’s finest Tyla

South African star Tyla finally speaks about being followed on Instagram by the international rapper Drake.

The Canadian-born rap star is undoubtedly a fan of Mzansi’s talents, as we’ve seen how he’s endorsed the likes of Black Coffee, Kelvin Momo, Uncle Waffles and a few others.

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Tyla is the recent talent he followed on Instagram, and the gesture made headlines.

Speaking about the follow, the Water hitmaker said she knew she would be followed by Drake.

“I knew Drake was going to follow me on Instagram, I was definitely waiting for it and he did follow me,” she said in an interview.

Tyla has been making headlines in South Africa and around the globe as a voice to be reckoned with.

She is never shy to flaunt her African roots preferring to remain connected. In an interview recently, she expressed how she always carries pap (maize meal) around and cooks it whenever she feelis.

She also was applauded by Mzansi fans for using her South Afrin accent accent.

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