Ostallos warns Tshabangu: ‘They will dump you’

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) Deputy Spokesperson Gift Ostallos Siziba has warned self-proclaimed interim secretary-general Sengezo Tshabangu that the ruling Zanu PF party will soon dump him when his time expires just like they did with Douglas Mwonzora.

Siziba was speaking at a weekend rally to drum up support for by-elections that were caused by a controversial letter to Parliament by Tshabangu purporting to recall 14 CCC legislators and more than 17 CCC councillors.

“Who saw this madman when people were campaigning? He should be careful with people whom he is dealing with, this will come to an end.

“You should be careful because you are dealing with hyenas, Tshabangu. Soon they will start to accuse you.

“They will use you to backtrack, abandon the struggle, promise you manna from heaven, but when your time expires, they will dump you,” Siziba warned.

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He said another good example of what Tshabangu would later face came in the form of MDC leader Douglas Mwonzora.

“We fear nothing, they know, you voted and gave people a mandate. Everywhere, where there is a robot, it is governed by CCC, all residents who contribute taxes are governed by CCC.

“So, in council, we are the government and Zanu PF is in the rural council,” Siziba said.

He said despite what had been reported the CCC had a constitution which was recently produced in court. “We registered the party in 2022. Zec recognised us and we retained those same people,” he said.

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