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“Family Struggles to Retrieve Deceased Chegutu Cop’s Body Amid Concerns of Foul Play and Unusual Circumstances”

Chegutu Municipal Cop’s relatives suspect murder after failing to retrieve his body from the mortuary.

Moses Mboma, a former Chegutu municipal cop’s relatives, suspect foul play in his death after they failed to retrieve his body from the mortuary.

A bizarre incident happens at the mortuary.
In very bizarre circumstances, Mboma, who was believed to have committed suicide, was found with swollen private parts after relatives tried to take his body from the mortuary.

Chegutu cop’s death
The family suspects murder after failing to retrieve the body from the mortuary-Image Source@istock
There were some scars all over the dead cop’s body that led his relatives to seek a traditional healer to help. The family claims that the scars on his body do not support the initial thought that he killed himself.

Events surrounding his death
Mboma was found on Wednesday morning with a rope around his neck while kneeling on the floor and lifeless. The cop was suspected of having killed himself by strangling himself with a cord.

His uncle is said to have performed the traditional rituals for his body to be taken from the mortuary. However, their attempts to take the corpse failed, and family members became suspicious.

This is because, in African tradition, a corpse who supposedly makes it difficult for his family to get his body is believed to be communicating from beyond the grave. The relatives then sought a traditional healer to seek permission from the deceased to say goodbye and bury him.

That is when they saw the scars on his body and his swollen manhood. The family subsequently postponed the burial to seek help and investigate further into what killed Mboma.

The late cop was famous in the small town of Chegutu as he played soccer for the town’s team, the Chegutu Pirates.

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