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Body of Princess shoko remains unburied five months after she was murdered

The tragic case of Princess Shoko, a four-year-old who met a horrific end at the hands of her mother’s sister and her husband in August last year, continues to unfold. Shockingly, seven months later, her lifeless body remains unburied in a mortuary.

The reasons behind the prolonged delay in Princess Shoko’s burial remain unclear. However, there are indications that a post-mortem examination and DNA tests need to be conducted before laying her to rest.
The alleged perpetrators, identified as Lister Sibanda and her husband John Zvivi, fled across the border into South Africa following the gruesome murder.

Princess Shoko’s lifeless body was discovered in a stream along Harare-Bulawayo Road between Kuwadzana Extension and Glaudina on August 2 last year. Her remains were concealed in a 25kg mealie-meal sack, her face deformed.

Zvivi and Lister are accused of fatally assaulting Princess at their homestead in Zvimba before placing her lifeless body in a sack and discarding it in a river at the end of July the same year.

Arrested in Bram Fischerville Johannesburg, Zvivi and Lister faced charges after businessman Moreboys Munetsi initiated a citizen’s arrest with the assistance of a concerned mob that witnessed their presence.

The legal proceedings took them to the Randburg Magistrates’ Court in Johannesburg, where they are vehemently contesting their extradition to face trial in their home country.

If the court rules against them, the Government of Zimbabwe will need to submit a formal request to South Africa, seeking their extradition.

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According to a source present at Zvivi and Lister’s trial on February 1, the case is scheduled to continue on February 14. “They are opposing extradition. The sad part is that the child has still not been buried, and we wonder how her mother is feeling,” expressed the source.

Upon their arrest, Zvivi and Lister initially claimed that Princess was attacked by goblins, providing a bizarre twist to the already tragic narrative

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