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Boyfriend of lover who was snatched by Omah Lay on stage gets brand ambassador deals

Grace has located the viral man whose girlfriend was called on stage by Nigerian singer Omah Lay as he bagged a huge international endorsement deal.

In a promotion video circulating online, he could be seen advertising a food brand, using his huge influence and skills to create awareness for the products.

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The man became a trending sensation online after a video captured his heartbroken reactions as Omah Lay goes ‘silhouette’ with his girlfriend, rocking her aggressively at his recent show.

Watch the video below:

Internet users thronged to comment section to share their thoughts. Some reactions are shown below:

sa213212022 said, “In this life as a woman never idolize any man. She went on that stage and did all that for nothing. Now, both men will move on and she is left to pick up the pieces all alone smh”.

kinglezee said, “Why is it that after each break up a man always bounce back double and even tripple better than before … makes them regret alot”.

i_am_harmless_ said, “God just used her and the situation to bless him, bro go collect your babe back cus she made a honest mistake that almost everyone will make when they meet their fav celebrity”.

llxrr__ said, “Because he’s getting deals now from people encouraging him it’s publicity stunt, would same have been said if it was the babe getting gigs? Some people aren’t mentally strong and would’ve gone as far as taking their life. I’m happy he’s getting gigs”.

nonnistics_ said, “Never look down on anybody……..even if you paid the ticket to that place……God has turned his lemons to such a beautiful tasting lemonade. Congratulations to him. I pray he gets more gigs 🙌❤️❤️”.

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