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President Mnangagwa’s Victoria Falls Trip Interrupted by Bomb Threat

President Mnangagwa was on Friday morning forced to abandon his trip to Victoria Falls for a renewable energy conference after a bomb threat was received via email.

Mnangagwa’s plane, which was about to land in the city made a U-turn to Harare while the investigation of the alleged bomb threat continued.

The message of a bomb threat at Victoria Falls were President Mnangagwa was set to address a conference.
The message of a bomb threat at Victoria Falls were President Mnangagwa was set to address a conference. Picture: George Charamba X

The Department of Presidential Communications through George Charamba confirmed the incident saying the President is awaiting an investigation outcome.

“This morning Zimbabwe Airport Authorities were made aware of an email sent through FASTJET AIRLINE by one JOHN DOE claiming “credible bomb/firearm threat” targeting Zimbabwean airports. As a precaution, the country’s security systems are now on heightened alert following this message whose source and credibility is also being investigated.”

Charamba also said the country is taking this incident as a terrorist threat.

“While our country is peaceful, and all our ports of entry are well secured, such alerts on possible terrorist attacks are taken and treated very seriously, as nothing should be left to chance.”

He also assured the nation to remain calm as investigations are taking place and also mentioned that the President had to suspend his visit to Victoria falls.

“The nation is urged to remain calm while investigations are underway, the results of which will be made public by relevant arms of Governmnet once investigations are concluded.

“His Excellence the President, Dr ED Mnangagwa, who this morning was slotted to address a meeting in the prime resort City of Victoria Falls, has had to suspend his trip to allow for investigations which are already underway”.

However, the threat appears to be over after a Discover Airlines flight from Windhoek landed. Airlink from Cape Town will be next to touch down

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