Pitch Black Afro still says he did not kill his wife

It has been six months since musician Pitch Black Afro was released from prison for the murder of his wife Catherine “Trisha’ Modisane. Real name Thulani Ngcobo, he benefitted from the special remission of sentence where he was supposed to serve 10 years imprisonment of which five were suspended.

The Department of Correctional Services said culpable homicide was among the offenses covered by the special remission of sentences. Pitch Black Afro has since gotten back to the studio and making music again. Despite being found guilty, the Ntofontofo hitmaker insists he did not kill his wife.


Speaking to ZiMoja, Pitch Black Afro said his arrest was unlawful and he was falsely accused of Catherine’s murder.

“I was charged with pre-meditated murder. I don’t know If it was because of my celebrity status or what. But there was not enough evidence,’ he said.

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Without going into detail about what happened on the night of his wife’s death, he said, he was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

“I was a victim of circumstance. The court let me down. I didn’t have money and therefore I didn’t have a voice. They charged me with culpable homicide, meaning I killed her by mistake.’ Pitch Black said what hurt him more was not being able to bury his wife. “I was unable to bury my wife after being falsely accused,’ he said.

Pitch Black Afro said like any couple, he and Trisha fought. “We would yell and scream but it never got physical. It would never get that far.

No one has ever seen her bruised. We would have verbal fights but I never hit her.’ Pitch Black Afro sid his time in jail was traumatic. “Jail was traumatic.

My heart was broken because I could not say goodbye to my best friend and I was locked up like an animal in a cage.” He is now working on getting back in society and removing the stigma of being called “a wife killer”.

“Imagine being labeled a killer and how people look at me every day.”

He still wears his signature afro which made him unique and popular.

“There was no wearing of the wig in prison,’ he said. “But the wig represents my stage character of Pitch Black Afro and not necessarily Thulani.’ He wrote his debut song since being released from prison and dedicated to his late wife of 23 years. The song is his last words to his wife and best friend. “It’s me telling her that I would never let her go and that I miss her dearly. I was saying goodbye,’ he said.

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