‘Kamupira was my noble advisor’: Chamisa mourns his death before he could become president

OPPOSITION leader Nelson Chamisa has lamented the death of Nyaradzo Funeral Services Chaplain Ellison Kamupira whom he described as his noble advisor, saying he regrets that he died before seeing him become Zimbabwe’s President.

Kamupira, who had grown popular after having presided over many top politicians funerals, passed on at a private hospital in Harare over the weekend.

Chamisa, who was part of the dignitaries that included former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) Governor Gideon Gono at the wake, said he had been saddened by Kamupira’s passing before he could see him become Zimbabwe’s President.

The two enjoyed a close relationship based on their Christian faith.

“I heard people ask what my relationship with Kamupira was. They were asking whether he was into opposition politics,” said Chamisa.

“No, he was not. Kamupira was my noble advisor and a proper advisor advices any side, anyone.”
Kamupira is the one who advised Chamisa to clearly package his message on land so that ordinary folk who were being misled into thinking that he wanted to give it back to former white farmers would know where he truly stood.
The narrative, pushed by the ruling Zanu PF, has been present since the formation of the once vibrant Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) in 1999 right through the 2000s.
Added Chamisa: “Kamupira was a unifier who belonged to Zimbabwe, the same way I belong to Zimbabwe.
“It is unfortunate he passed before I got into office.”
Chamisa, then under the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) banner, lost last year’s Presidential race to President Emmerson Mnangagwa, albeit under controversial circumstances where claims of rigging, intimidation and voter suppression were raised.
He has since resigned from the CCC and is currently on a sabbatical.
His knack for sharing Bible verses and preaching prayer before anything else has seen some mock him.
He took the opportunity to explain his stance.
“I have been mocked for my faith but let me tell you that I stand by it. I have been enlightened, you haven’t,” Chamisa said.
“I understood that in leading a country there are permanent things and things that will pass.
“We are at a bus stop, we cannot build at a bus stop when we know that we are just passing.”
Burial arrangements for Kamupira have not yet been shared.

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