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Trevor Dongo leaves pregnant girlfriend out in the cold

Zimbabwean musician Trevor Dongo has recently been embroiled in a significant social media controversy. Reports have surfaced, alleging that he left his pregnant girlfriend, identified only as Natasha, outside in harsh weather conditions.

The incident has sparked widespread negative reactions from the public, with many Zimbabweans expressing strong disapproval of the musician’s actions.


According to the reports, Natasha was allegedly abandoned by her own family at Dongo’s residence after they learned about her pregnancy.

Dongo purportedly refused to allow Natasha inside, leaving her to spend the night outdoors in the cold despite her delicate condition. This distressing situation has garnered significant attention and condemnation from the public.

A resident told H-Metro:

“We were disturbed by the continued knocking of the door.

“I checked and saw that a woman, with her luggage, was by Trevor Dongo’s door.

“She claimed that he is responsible for her pregnancy and has been dodging her and blocked her digits.

“Trevor later communicated with one of the tenants.”

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Reports indicate that Trevor Dongo later engaged with Natasha’s family at his family home in Highfield to resolve the matter. According to his spokesperson, Dongo did not open the door initially because Natasha was accompanied by unknown men, prompting concerns for his safety. The matter has been resolved peacefully between the two lovers and their families, according to reports.

Trevor Dongo pregnant girlfriend
Trevor Dongo gets negative reactions from fans after making pregnant girlfriend sleep outside-Image Source@Facebook.

The story has elicited strong reactions from Zimbabweans, many of whom have criticized Natasha for becoming involved with Dongo, who is reputed to be a serial womanizer within the entertainment industry. Others have pointed out that Dongo’s career appears to be in decline, referencing his recent album launch that drew fewer than 20 attendees.

Below are some of the comments on Facebook:

@Charity Machaya

Trevor akabvira kare nekumitisa Haana kutanga nhasi ane vana vazhinji

@LG Gwarazimba

Nenguva yaaizviti I’m still searching I don’t have a gf yet he is busy mitisaring vanhu kunze uko

@Ru Mbidzo Gladys

Anomuchengeta ndeiko ku show kwakauya vanhu 8

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