Tshabangu pulls another shocker: Appoints self leader of opposition in parliament

Infamous Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) Interim Secretary-General Sengezo Tshabangu has pulled another political coup by changing the party’s leadership in Parliament as well as appointing himself Leader of The Opposition.

This comes after Parliament rescinded the appointments made by Jameson Timba in February this year.

Timba is the Chief Administrator of a CCC faction reportedly loyal to former party leader Nelson Chamisa.

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The appointments made by Tshabangu were announced in the Senate by the Temporary President of the Senate.

THE TEMPORARY PRESIDENT OF SENATE: I wish to inform the House of the following changes in the leadership development of CCC Party Members in Parliament:

Hon. L. Karenyi-Kore, Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly;

Hon. Sen. S. Tshabangu, Leader of Opposition in the Senate and overall leader of the Opposition in Parliament;

Hon. Sen. S. Mlotshwa, Chief Whip in Senate;

Hon. Sen. S. Zvidzai, Deputy Chief Whip in the Senate;

Hon. E. Mushoriwa, Chief Whip in the National Assembly;

Hon. B. Nyandoro, Deputy Chief Whip in the National Assembly;

Hon. S. Mhlangu and Hon. Sen. K. Phulu to be Members on Standing Rules and Orders Committee;

Hon. O. Sinda, Deputy Chairperson of the Zimbabwe Women’s Parliamentary Caucus;

Hon. C. Chinanzvavana, Organiser for the Zimbabwe Women’s Parliamentary Caucus;

Hon. J. Makuvire, Member of the Executive Committee in the Zimbabwe Women’s Parliamentary Caucus Executive;

Hon. S. Matsunga, Member of the Africa Parliamentary Union Delegation;

Hon. S. Tshabangu and Hon. M. Kademaunga, Members of the Inter-Parliamentary Union Delegation;

Hon. N. Mlotshwa, Member of the OACPS EU Delegation;

Hon. H. Chidziva, Member of the Pan African Parliamentary Delegation;

Hon. L. Karenyi-Kore, Member of the SADC PF Delegation; and

Hon. M. Ngwena, Member of the ASSECAA Delegation.

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