This Is How Much Jah Prayzah Is Worth

Mukudzeyi Mukombe is a musician who performs under the stage name ‘Jah Prayzah.’ He is the lead singer of the band Third Generation and has been entertaining Zimbabweans with contemporary urban music for quite some time.

He began his career in 2005 and rose to fame in 2007 with the release of his first album, ‘Sungano.’ He surprised his fans by releasing two albums, ‘Rudo neRunyararo’ and ‘Ngwarira Kuparara.’

His military appeal and signature band regalia, which consisted of military garments, earned him the moniker “musoja.” He is also a philanthropist and brand ambassador. His successful music career has made him one of Zimbabwe’s wealthiest musical artists. Let us take a look at Jah Prayzah’s home and wealth.

Jah Prayzah boasts of a recently completed mansion, a structure of pride. The mansion is located in Pokugara Residential estate in Borrowdale, Harare. The estate’s residents are prominent businessmen and the elite society in Zimbabwe.

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The enormous structure was completed in a year, this is a clear indication that the Musoja’ has no issues with money. The house is worth € 7.5 million.

The general of Zimbabwe music scene owns a list of exotic cars. One of his earliest collections is a Mercedes Benz 300 SE class which he purchased for $10,000. He really loves big muscle cars and his most precious toy is a Cadillac escalade which has also scooped fame on Instagram.

He loves to boast about it while driving around the streets of Harare. While on official Business, he graces the Range Rover Discovery which scrapped $36,000 from his back pocket. He simply has the most unique vehicles in Zimbabwe, the most prolific of his unique vehicles is the Dodge Ram 1500 which cost him $ 32,000.

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He has a networth of a staggering $2 million. His financial success is backed by his collaboration with Diamond Platinumz which staged him for International fame. The track “Watora Nari” had over a million views in its first month of release.

He has a collection of 9 albums and has scooped a plethora of awards such as the 2016 MTV African Music Award, the AwardNAMA 2013 Award for Song of the Year, “Gochi Gochi”2013 Zimbabwe Peace ambassador award. He has an endless list of awards that have greatly contributed to his enormous wealth.

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To have Jah Prazah perform in your events will require you to load up your duffle bag from the bank. He Charges a minimum of $5,000 per show. Corporate functions are more extensive and might peak at $6,000 per appearance.

From his fancy house and exotic cars, he has proved to his fans that he is a dedicated artist who works for his paper and is not afraid to spend it. His lavish lifestyle makes many women envy his beautiful wife, Riswari Churoweso who is lucky to have the star by his side. They are a happy couple blessed with a son. We can expect more music from him soon as he promised his fans.

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